The Dissemination Initiative

A Strategic Dissemination Project
for the Urantia Book Fellowship

The following plan is the first phase of a Strategic Plan that will be expanded over a period of time through successive phases, in accordance to the Strategic Vision for Dissemination. At present this is a draft plan that will need refinement in association with the President, the Executive Committee and Operations Committee. Once approved by the Executive Committee, this plan should be considered to be a guiding document for the period of one year, after which it will undergo review and re-approval. Over time this plan will be modified and expanded by additional phases that will include future goals for dissemination as illustrated by the Strategic Vision.

The Plan

The Strategic Vision Committee will solicit proposals from all Urantia Book readers to present a dissemination project that will be the focus the Fellowship’s dissemination work for the first years of our ten-year strategic plan. All proposals will be considered according to the criteria established below and presented to the General Council for approval by Winter 2011.