The Dissemination Initiative

Criteria for the Dissemination Project

In the development of a dissemination project proposal the following criteria should be considered to help develop a project that is reflective of the Fellowship’s strategic vision for dissemination. The approval of this project will depend in part by how many of these criteria are met.

  1. Develop a project that is an example of our mission for dissemination: “To encourage and support individuals in their teaching, ministry, and dissemination activities by helping them realize their full spiritual potential as living translators of the Fifth Epochal Revelation.”
  2. Uses methods of dissemination as exemplified in the Urantia Book and are considerate of the evolutionary pace of religious growth in this present era.
  3. Create a project that allows for the full participation of readers of all ages and special opportunities for young adult readers.
  4. Encourages active participation of local societies, study groups and individual readers to serve or support this project.
  5. Consider a project that allows for the diversity of creative and traditional methods of dissemination.
  6. Develop a project that takes advantage of electronic media and internet communication.
  7. Provides opportunities for broad based participation, including participation and coordination with Fellowship Committees.
  8. Provides the opportunity develop messages that appeal to target markets.
  9. Provides opportunities for training and development.
  10. We strongly encourage that each proposal be sponsored by a team of, at least two, readers who have read the book in its entirety and are willing to commit 10 hours a month to the project. Greater weight will be given to proposals with more that two willing sponsors and a higher level of time commitment on the project.