Letter of Introduction

The spirit-led child of God is the most powerful force by which the Heavenly Father can uplift His mortal sons and daughters. Urantia Book readers can become this dynamic, living expression of love, mercy, and ministry bearing witness to spiritual realities of a Heavenly Kingdom.

The Urantia Book Fellowship has a vision for dissemination -- to become the organization that will serve these mighty servants who will uplift the children of God and this planet by sharing the fact, truth, and teachings of this great revelation.

The first step of our vision for dissemination is requesting proposals from all Urantia Book Fellowship members for a dissemination project that we can support as an organization.

While we are asking for dissemination proposals from all Urantia Book Fellowship members, we are looking for more than just a project--we are looking for involvement. If The Urantia Book tells us that the sum of ten men and women lifting together is far greater than ten lifting alone, what a great force for dissemination we can become if we work together!

That is the idea behind Fellowship in the Field -- Can we find a dissemination project that will involve readers, study groups and societies? We are hoping we can, because this revelation cannot be served by just one organization, it requires broad based participation.

We are asking all readers to consider a dissemination program that will serve not only the goal of dissemination, but also the goal of cooperation. On the website
http://fellowshipinthefield.com/criteria.php, you will find a list of criteria we are looking for in a project proposal. We hope to find a project that is dynamic, that is strategic, that takes advantage of internet communications, and calls on us to rise to our spirit potential as living expressions of this revelation.

We are asking for a lot, but we cannot expect to build a foundation for this revelation without broad based participation -- we need some grass roots.

Please take a careful look at the criteria that we have established for this project on our website, then submit a brief application for your project at:

Once we receive your proposal, the Membership committee will help you develop your proposal so that it may meet more of the criteria.

If you are having trouble developing your proposal, submit what you have by April 1st. Once we receive your ideas we can help you develop it and perhaps put you in touch with others who may also want to sponsor this proposal with you.

Final proposals are due April 1, 2015. Once we receive all proposals the Membership committee will then present the top four to the General Council based on the number of criteria met.  At the General Council’s July 12, 2015 meeting, this body will select one proposal which we will support through the services of our committees and funding.

Any proposal that has not been selected as the final project—we will do our best to see that they are communicated to the readership and the Fellowship committees so that they might receive any assistance that is available.