The Dissemination Initiative

The Purpose:

The Fellowship Dissemination Initiative intended to be a broad based dissemination project that will identify the Fellowship as the supporting organization for dissemination activities. This project can be better understood by a careful examination of the Fellowship's Strategic Vision--a document outlining the direction the General Council would like to head in the next ten years.

The Goals:

  1. The purpose of the dissemination project is to exemplify the ideals of dissemination, raise an awareness of the importance of dissemination to the growth of the revelation and engage greater participation of all Urantia Book readers in the service of dissemination.
  2. This dissemination project is intended to be a catalyst for building organizational spirit within the Fellowship by supporting and serving a large dissemination project together.
  3. This project will serve as an example to ourselves and to our members as to how cooperation, service and teamwork focused on a single project can exponentially increase our service capacity.